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in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

Slices of bread steeped ,sweetened and cut into fingers
{ I still steep my bread and cut it into fingers for sopping up the juicy graveys } [I be such a milk sopp and a soppy date too]

allan goodrich  •  Link

Sugar sopps are mentioned as being dinner on 17 April 1663. Not happily, either

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

It doesn't have to be soaked in milk (or be for people!)...

William Tail, of Dagnal in Bedfordshire, his Way of curing a Sheep taken with the Gripes. -- This Shepherd (says he) never found any Thing answer better, for curing a griped Sheep, than to make some Sugar-Sops directly; and when the Crumb of Bread and Ale is boiled, he then adds some Sugar, and a little Pepper, with a small Quantity of Gin, and gives it out of the Bowl of a Spoon at his Discretion.
---A compleat system of experienced improvements, made on sheep. W. Ellis, 1749.

Bill  •  Link

SOP, Bread soaked in Broth, Gravy, Dripping, Wine, or any Liquid.
---An universal etymological English dictionary. N. Bailey, 1724.

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