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zero not in use yet: The OED full of nice variations mot came later,
I. Primary sense.
1. a. A swimming bird of the genus Anas and kindred genera of the family Anatidæ, of which species are found all over the world. [125 species]

Forms: . 4-5 doke (5 dooke, 6- Sc. duke, duk, duik (deuk). -) grade of *dúcan to DUCK, dive; cf. Da. duk-and lit. dive-duck (and = duck), Sw. dyk-fågel lit. dive-fowl, diver; and the synonyms under DUCKER1.
The phonological history presents some difficulties, esp. owing to uncertainty whether the OE. vowel was u or ú, and the development of the three ME. types: dukke, duk, corresp. to mod. duck; d
1610 SHAKES. Temp. II. ii. 136 Though thou canst swim like a Ducke, thou art made like a Goose.
II. Transferred uses.
3. a. A term of endearment.
1590 SHAKES. Mids. N. V. i. 282 O dainty Ducke: O Deere!
1607 MIDDLETON Fam. of Love I. iii, And now, sweet duck, know I have been for my cousin Gerardine's will.
1624 HEYWOOD Captives I. iii, For see you not too women? daynty ducks!

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to cook it ; It be here: 17th Century cookery;
Teal: http://www.godecookery.com/engrec…
To Boyl a Wild Duck or Mallard.
Truss and Parboyl it, then half roast it, carve it, and let out the Gravey, which you must save, then take Onions, Parsly, Ginger, and Pepper, boyl them together, then mix the Gravy with them, being chopped, or bruised very small, then add a few Currans and some grated White-Bread, make these thin with Broth, and so on Sippits serve it up, being first run over with Claret and Anchovey beat up together; and this is a very good way to boyl a Tame Duck, Widgeon, or Moor-Hen, to be received very acceptably.

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