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Ruben  •  Link

All about the Elias
from the best site in the Net about the Anglo-Dutch war ships:

"The squadron that brought Charles II back to England for the Restoration

"Edward Montagu commanded the squadron of ships that brought Charles II and his family to England in 1660. These seem to be the ships and captains involved..."

"Naseby, 80 guns (renamed Royal Charles) Edward Montagu and Roger Cuttance London, 64 guns...
Richard, 70 guns (renamed Royal James) ...
Elias, 36 guns Mark Harrison..." (in all 24 ships)"

"This is from:
J.R. Tanner, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge, Vol.I, 1903."

"Mark Harrison served in both the Commonwealth and Restoration navies...From 1659 to 1660, he commanded the Dutch prize Elias (the former Amsterdam Directors's ship Elias). At the Restoration, he was continued in command of the Elias. In 1663, he commanded the 2nd Rate Rainbow."

From Pepys diary, January 21, 1663:
"After dinner on board the Elias, and found the timber brought by her from the forest of Deane to be exceeding good. The Captain gave each of us two barrels of pickled oysters put up for the Queen mother."

"19 April 1664
"at night with Captain Tayler consulting how to get a little money by letting him the Elias to fetch masts from New England."

and now a little SPOILER from Pepys future diary.
From November 14 1664: "The Elias,' coming from New England (Captain Hill, commander), is sunk; only the captain and a few men saved. She foundered in the sea."

Pedro  •  Link

More on the Elias from the Jornal of Sandwich.

38 guns and 150 men in the Sound in 1658.

Also went with the fleet that transported Lord Peterborough to Tangier, and was used to transport near 300 Portuguese back to Faro in Portugal between the 7th Feb and 4th Marech 1662.

Capt.Petrus.S. Dorpmans  •  Link

14th Nov.1664.

"...The Elias coming from New England (Captain Hill,commander), is sunk; only the captain and a few men saved. She Foundered in the Sea..."

The "Elias" frigate foundered one hundered and forty leagues from shore on the coast of New England. One hundred and twenty men were lost, and only twenty-one saved by the "Martin".

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