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Chancery clerk, friend of Pepys

PEPYS'S SPELLINGS: "Chetwynd," "Chetwin"

-- His WIFE, Margaret, is the sister of Will Symons, an underclerk at the Council of State (until early 1660) and nephew of Chancery official Henry Scobell.
-- Chetwind's SISTER, Margaret, is married to Thomas Lea ("Leigh"), a clerk with the Council of State.
-- He also, at least at one point, owned a dog.
-- The Chetwinds lodge with Richard Hargraves, a "cornchandler" on St. Martin's Lane. In Chetwind's will, Lea, Symons and Hargrave are named as executors.

SOCIAL: He's one of the clerks who goes out drinking and socializing with Pepys in the late 1650s and the 1660s.
-- 20 Feb. 1660, he's with Symons and John Gregory, an Exchequer employee.
-- 2 March 1660, Pepys finds him with Samuel Edlin (randy in the past, a minister in the future) and one "Thomas" (first name unknown), a government clerk.
-- 7 March 1660, Pepys agrees to meet at the Angel with Chetwind, that same Thomas, and Thomas Doling, who in 1660 was a messenger for the Council of State (where Lea and Symons worked). They eat seafood because it's Ash Wednesday.

For Pepys, a point in Chetwind's favor was that he played a lute (which Chetwind called an "Angelique").

David Quidnunc  •  Link

Source for the above note:
Latham & Matthews edition of the diary, Vols. 1 (1660), 10 (Companion), 11 (Index)

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