The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from Wenceslaus Hollar’s maps:

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Astead, Surrey, Durdans country estate of the Norfolk Pepis, one John Pepys, scene of many youthful memories [see p10,16,20,118 etc.]many refs [sweet memories ahhh!]in "Unequaled Self "Tomalin,Claire Robert Cokes…

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Errata: the Pepis be well liked neighbours of the Owner, not the residents..

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Better entree from Terry F.Terry F, on Thu 1 Sep 2005, 11:04 pm | Link

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The area be rich in 'istory, For those that want to take a ganda here be a nice jaunt.
"...Cross the racecourse and then turn left over the bridge over Langley Vale Road, and follow the path into Chalk Lane. This is a public road, but with hardly any traffic since it is a dead-end for cars. Turn left, down the steep hill for just short of a mile, past the Durdans with its stables which has one of the largest indoor riding schools in England to reach the Chalk Lane Hotel and the fine old houses surrounding it. ..."
Also near by, be some of Evelyns
The memorials on these walls take us back to the time of John Evelyn, for here is a tablet to his brother Richard who died in 1669. Richard comes into the famous diary, where we read how the carriage bringing him home from his wedding was overturned, but "no harm was done." His beautiful Woodcote Park near the Downs is now a golf course, and there John Evelyn came in 1655 to spend Christmas with him. Another tablet, elaborately made of white marble, shows the head of Robert Coke in his wig and cravat, and his wife and child in their hoods. He was the son of the famous judge and law writer Sir Edward Coke, prominent in the legal history of the first two Stuart kings.…

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Durdans, a famous house near Epsom, then occupied by Lord Berkeley.
---Wheatley, 1899.

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