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HMS Royal Katherine was an 84-gun second-rate ship of the line, launched in 1664.

Catherine was forgotten by 1706.


In the Second Anglo-Dutch War she fought at the battle of Lowestoft, June 13, 1665, the Four Days' Battle, June 11 to June 14, 1666, and the St. James's Day Battle, August 4, 1666. During the Raid on the Medway she was sunk off to prevent her from being captured.
In the Third Anglo-Dutch War she fought at the battles of Solebay, June 7, 1672, and Schooneveld, 8 June 1673.
In the War of the Grand Alliance she fought at the Battle of Barfleur, May 29, 1692.
In 1702 she was rebuilt, and during the War of the Spanish Succession she was the flagship of Admiral George Rooke. In 1706 she was renamed Ramillies in honour of the victory of John Churchill in the battle of Ramillies.
In the Seven Years' War she was the flagship of Admiral John Byng when he failed to relieve Port Mahon and so lost the island of Minorca, a lack of resolution that led to his court-martial and execution.
Ramillies was wrecked at Bolt Head near Plymouth on 15 February 1760. About 700 sailors were killed.


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The Royal Katherine.

Contrary to the above source Sandwich describes in his fllet list of April 1665 as 2nd rate with 70 guns.

She had 450 men and was in Sandwich's squadron under Thomas Teddiman, who was the Rear Admiral.

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Picture of the Royal Katherine posted by Ruben…


The heading on the picture reads “commanded by John Earl of Mulgrave in the Second Dutch War”, but is it correct?

John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby, KG, PC (7 April 1648 – 24 February 1721), English statesman and poet, was the son of Edmund Sheffield, 2nd Earl of Mulgrave, and succeeded to that title on his father’s death in 1658.
At the age of eighteen he joined the fleet, to serve in the Second Anglo-Dutch War; on the renewal of hostilities in 1672 he was present at the battle of Sole Bay, and in the next year received the command of a ship.

Up until the battle at Bergen in August 1665, the Royal Catherine had been commanded by Teddiman, who then took the Revenge and led the Fleet at Bergen (Sandwich Journal).

My theory is that the title should read the Third Dutch War!

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