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from L&M Companion
Bo'sun of the 'Royal Charles' in 1662. He appears to be the John Clements who was recommended as a ship's master by Phineas Pett in 1665, and from 1667 onwards (until at least 1688) served as captain of several royal yachts. In 1688 he was captain of the 'Cambridge', a 3rd-rate.

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I found this at http://17th-centurynavwargaming.b…

English Captain: John Clements
John Clements served in the Restoration navy, and then he served in the navy for William and Mary. In 1667, he was appointed by the Duke of York to command the Merlin yacht. In 1671, he commanded the Monmouth yacht. In 1672, the Duke of York appointed him to command the Greyhound. The King reappointed him to command the Greyhound on 5 May 1679. The Commissioners appointed him to command the Cleveland yacht on 7 May 1680. He was reappointed to command the Cleveland yacht on 1 April 1685. King James II appointed him to command the Henrietta yacht on 4 May 1688. He was switched to the Katherine yacht on 18 May. The Lord Dartmouth appointed him to command the 3rd Rate Cambridge (70 guns) on 14 December 1688. He fought in the Battle of Bantry Bay on 1 May 1689, under the command of Admiral Herbert. In 1690, he fought in the Battle of Beachy Head, where he commanded the 3rd Rate Expedition (70 guns). He was assigned to the Red Squadron. In 1692, he fought in the Battle of Barfleur, where he commanded the 2nd Rate Duchess (90 guns). He was assigned to Sir John Ashby's Blue Squadron. John Clement's last command was the St. Andrew, which he left on 3 December 1693. Andrew writes, in addition that "probably under the patronage of Queen Anne's husband and Lord High Admiral, Prince George of Denmark, he was appointed the first Lieutenant-Governor of Greenwich Hospital in 1704. He died within a few months, after which his widow presented this portrait to the Hospital." Sources:
William Laird Clowes, The Royal Navy: A History from the Earliest Times to the Present, Vol.II, 1898.
J.R. Tanner, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge, Vol.I, 1903.

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CLEMENTS, John,—was, on the 1st of May 1667, appointed commander of the Merlin yacht; and, in the year 1671, of the Monmouth yacht. In 1672 he was promoted to the Greyhound ; which ship he was a second time re-commissioned to on the 5th of May 1679. Continuing to command the same ship, he was employed, in the month of June 1680, to transport from Kinfale, a reinforcement of troops to the garrison of Tangier. On his return from thence he was appointed commander of the Cleveland yacht; to which vessel he was re-commissioned on the 22d of October following. On the 31st of August 1682, he was made captain of the Charlotte yacht; and was re-appointed to her on the 1st of April 1685. On the 4th of May 1688, he was made captain of the Henrietta yacht; from which he was, on the 18th of the same month removed into the Catherine yacht. On the 14th of December following, near six weeks after the landing of king William, he was appointed, by lord Dartmouth, to command the Cambridge: she being laid, up for the winter, he was made captain of the Expedition, which ship he commanded at the battle of Beachy Head, second a-stern to vice-admiral Ashby. In the year 1693 he was captain of the St. Andrew. He probably retired from service soon after this time, as his name does not again occur. The time of his death is unknown: he was alive, but unemployed, on the 2d of February 1698-9.
---Biographia navalis. J. Charnock, 1793.

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