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from L&M Companion
Naval officer, holding four commissions 1660-72. In 1672 he fled to Holland to escape trial for the loss of his ship the 'French Victory'.

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Fletcher, Capt. John

Sometimes known as Major Fletcher, or Flatcher.

Captain of the Eagle in November 1661.

(The Journals of Sir Thomas Allin edited by RC Anderson)

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FLATCHER, John,—was appointed captain of the Eagle in 1660, and in 1667 of the Little Gift. A circumstance which, under the present regulations of the navy would appear extraordinary, occurs in the Memoirs of this gentleman. After having served as commander of the Eagle and Little Gift; in the year 1669 he served as lieutenant of the Foresight of forty-eight guns; and in the year 1672 was again appointed a commander, as captain of the French Victory. In the naval list is the following note against his name, "Lost his ship and flew from trial." But no intelligence can be collected from history, when, or in what manner, the ship was lost.
---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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