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First Reading

Pedro  •  Link

Da Silva is first mentioned in the annotations

Pauline  •  Link

L&M Companion only says:
Portuguese merchant; 'a Jew of great wealth and full credit in Amsterdam' (Clarendon).

Pedro  •  Link

More on D. Silva.

He was also an intermediary for Catherine

Pedro  •  Link

From Antonia Fraser's "King Charles II"

He appears as Eduarte Da Silva, a "New Christian" (that is a jew converted to meet the requirements of the Inquisition.)

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

Duarte de Silva is mentioned in the Earl of Sandwich's letter to Lord Chancellor Clarendon (dated May 15th, 1662) as "the man that is to make all good." Clarendon called him "Diego Silvas, a Jew of great wealth and full credit at Amsterdam" (see Lister's "Life of Clarendon," iii. 193).
---Wheatley, 1899.

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