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pinch of salt:mackeral another name for the lady of the night: http://www.emayzine.com/lectures/…

Atlantic mackerel are opportunistic feeders that can
ingest prey either by individual selection of organisms or by
passive filter feeding (Pepin et al. 1988). Filter feeding
occurs when small plankton are abundant and mackerel
swim through patches with mouth slightly agape, filtering
food through their gill rakers

Family Scombridae, MACKERELS and TUNAS
Scomberomorous cavalla
up to 20 lbs:


nice story:
By 1616 he was settled in London and was following a literary career. His humour, like that of John Heywood, was wholesome, as the following story from his Dispute between Coach and Sedan shows: "And now I speak of whispering. I remember a good fellow of Goosetoft neare Boston came to a Fishmonger in the market who had mackerels to sell (a fish very rare in those parts) and taking up a mackerel in his hand, whispered in the mackerel

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