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David Ross McIrvine  •  Link

Shouldn't this "Captain Lambert" be David Lambert (commanding the Norwich)?

David Ross McIrvine  •  Link

Scratch that, it IS James Lambert who commands the Duke's yacht. Sorry.

Clement  •  Link

L&M Companion reports, "Served in the Commonwealth Navy; captain of the Duke of Yorks's yacht, Anne 1662; killed in action 1665."

Pedro  •  Link

Captain James Lambert.

Was Captain of the Happy Return in the fleet list of April 1665. 4th rate, 50 guns and 190 men.

(Journal of Edward Montagu edited by Anderson)

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

[appears to be really Lambert]

LAMB, James - was appointed commander of the Ann yacht in 1661; in 1664 of the Happy Return; and in the following year of the Ann, a third rate of fifty-six guns He was slain soon afterwards, according to a note in the margin of the navy list, "in a fight with some Dutch Ships." But, as after the best investigation, no satisfactory account can be obtained of the circumstances attending it, it is not improbable it happened in the unfortunate attack on the Dutch ships, in Berghen.
---Biographia navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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