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Born Thomas Windsor Hickman change his surname to Windsor in order to inherit lands et al.
Ds Windsor;
receive his title back [Ds Windsor [Baron]]:
Ld. Windsor introduced.
This Day the Lord Windsor brought in his Patent of Restitution to the Title and Degree of a Peer of this Realm; which was read. And he took his Place as Lord Windsor
http://www.british-history.ac.uk/…. Date accessed: 11 April 2005
wanted this job , no discussion:
L. Windsor's Petition.
A Petition of the Lord Windsor's was read, laying Claim to the Office of Lord High Chamberlain.

From: 'House of Lords Journal Volume 11: 27 December 1660', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 11: 1660-1666 pp. 226-29 URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/…. Date accessed: 11 April 2005

attended the House Of Lords with regularity; otherwise no problems.

Spent time on Jamaica :
Aug 1662 - Nov 1662

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Thomas Windsor (Hickman)
7th Baron Windsor de Stanwell, 1st Earl of Plymouth.
Son of Dixie Hickman of Kew and Elizabeth, sister of Thomas Windsor, 6th Baron Windsor de Stanwell. Inherited his uncle's property and given his baronetcy.

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Lord Windsor in Jamaica.

In 1662 Lord Windsor arrived as Governor of Jamaica. He brought with him a Royal Proclamation declaring that all children born of English subjects in Jamaica should be regarded as free citizens of England. Lord Windsor retired from the Government of Jamaica within the year, and Sir Charles Lyttleton became Deputy Governor. There were then 4,205 persons in Jamaica. Santiago de Cuba was captured and looted by Admiral Myngs.


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Thomas Windsor, Baron Windsor, Lord Lieutenant of Worcestershire; advanced to the Earldom of Plymouth, 1682. Ob. 1687.
---Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, the diary deciphered by J. Smith. 1854.

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WINDSOR, formerly HICKMAN, THOMAS WINDSOR, seventh Baron Windsor Of Stanwell and first Earl Of Plymouth (1627?-1687), nephew of Thomas Windsor, sixth baron (1590-1641); assumed surname of Windsor in lieu of Hickman; served with royalist army, and was perhaps captain, 1642, and lieutenant-colonel, 1645; probably captured at Naseby, 1645, and fined; took seat as seventh Baron Windsor, 1660; governor of Jamaica, 1661-4, but was only in West Indies, July to October, 1662; master of horse to Duke of York, 1676; governor of Portsmouth, 1681, and of Hull, 1682; created Earl of Plymouth, 1684; privy councillor, 1685.
---Dictionary of National Biography: Index and Epitome. S. Lee, 1906.

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