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[Codd] should read the history on 'COD' and 'Salt': both excellent books food and fish and Cod.

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Cod be one of the most important foods for the Navy. It was abundant off Iceland and that 'land of Cod' called New Found Land, when it be 'pose to be already known to the Basques who would not tell. [ but they had the cod and the drying places set up]
Cod be a Gadiform, along with Haddock,Pollock Whiting and Hake [pacific cod, later]
It came as fresh [for the locals], summer dried, no salt,then there be dried and salted.
Cod when dried be 80 % protein, none better and 0.3% fat. It could be dried and would last months in the dried state, the navy like that, it be better than all that salt. Most likely, it be why Samuell had a map of the dreaded Cod fishing area of 'Bacallao Terra' or 'Land of King of Portugal'. The Cod was the center of many a war and dispute thru out the centuries.
Poor John [Jack] be also named Habardine and it came from the Grand Banks.
Shakes. 'Tempest', Trincula did speake of it.
There be Green and Salted then there be stockfish.[Dutch connection Stok ]
also called pole , fish that be hung in pairs while drying out.
Why the fish be named cod, is any ones guess, but as the Elizabethian men be thinking of their egoistical covering that be named a cod piece , cod being a bag could a lead, as a Female Cod be known to lay a thousand eggs, tis better than one hen that lays one egg.

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