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Appointed Dean of Lincoln in 1660.
Exiled to Utrecht during the Interregnum, where he collected a magnificent library. On his appointment he found he had too many books for Lincoln Cathedral's partially ruined mediaeval Library (built in 1420's; damaged by fire in 1609). Finally in 1674 he invited Christopher Wren to design a room for his 5000+ books and all the others belonging to the Chapter. He paid a local builder, William Evison,

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Names honiwood, honeywood were some of the spellings: there goes the adage one for the church, one for the army and must be a navy one some where?
His paternal Grand mother 'honeywood" appears to be from Charing in Kent who died 1620 leaving 16 ofspring and 114 grand children, of whom the dean ,the colonel ,and peter were part of the issue.Dr. Michael Honeywood, dean of Lincoln, who died in 1681, at the age of eighty-five [1596?]

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