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Revels at the Inns

Throughout this time period, it was customary to hold revels with 'dancing, dicing, and gaming' in the society's hall every Saturday between All Saint's Eve (October 31st) and Candlemas (February 2nd). According to Prynne, festivities usually lasted till midnight and sometimes until four in the morning.(11)

....The Prince of Purpoole was chosen on December 12th; he selected a court of mock royalty, which remained in place throughout the season. On the First Night, "his Highness [the Prince of Purpoole] called for the Master of Revels, and willed him to pass the time in dancing: so his gentlemen-pensioners and attendants, very gallantly appointed, in thirty couples, danced the old measures, and then galliards, and other kinds of dances, revelling until it was very late."

(from http://ieee.uwaterloo.ca/praetzel… )

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