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Neil  •  Link

From dictionary.com: 'Coxcomb is a corrupted spelling of cock's comb, the comb of a rooster, hence the badge resembling it that was worn in the cap of a professional fool or jester, hence the wearer of the cap, hence a fool or a vain and silly man.'

jean-paul buquet  •  Link

The OED gives as meaning 3 of "coxcomb" the following definition:
3. A fool, simpleton (obs.); now, a foolish, conceited, showy person, vain of his accomplishments, appearance, or dress; a fop; a superficial pretender to knowledge or accomplishments (…)
along with the following Pepys quote:
(…) 1667 Pepys Diary (1879) IV. 236 A vain coxcomb he is, though he sings and composes so well.

cumgranosalis  •  Link

as above plus Samuel Johnson : refs King Lear

then " fop; a superficial pretender to Knowledge or accomplisments."
refs: Hudibras p 1 cant iii.;
L'Estrange Fable 135:
Dry'd Dufres:

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

From King Lear:

FOOL: Let me hire him too: here's my coxcomb.
[Offering KENT his cap]

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