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from OED, two possibilities--((( ))) indicating the editorial "me"
The swimming bladder of certain fish, esp. of cod or sturgeon. So Norw. sund, also sundmage (Icel. sundmagi), f. mage stomach (maw). ...(((among citations:)))... 1661 PEPYS Diary 16 Oct., This day dined..upon a fin of ling and some sounds.

(((But this is interesting:)))

Noun6 A cuttle-fish. ...(((with this one citation)))... 1611 COTGR., Seche, the sound, or Cuttle-fish. [Hence in later Dicts.]

(((Cuttle-fish being a type of squid.
I wonder if Sam wasn't eating Kalimaria on October 16, 1661.)))

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.