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Royal James - cont'd

Actually there were three navy ships with the name "Royal James" in the 17th c. The annotation above refers to the 2nd vessel of that name, not the one Sam is referring to in his entry for 5 October.

1. "Richard" (Second Rate)
built by Christopher Pett (Woolwich 1658), renamed "Royal James" after the Restoration, burnt by the Dutch in 1667.

2. "Royal James" (100-Gun Ship)
built by Deane (Portsmouth 1671), burnt during action in 1672.

3. "Royal James" (First Rate)
built, on Pepys' instructions, by Deane (Portsmouth 1675), renamed "Victory" in 1691; then rebuilt in 1695.


vicente  •  Link

The Royall James Ships, not too lucky:
Name changed from Richard . Burnt in '67, down to the the 2nd gun ports.Rebuilt as ? [unknown]. New with more guns, had a one years life.No 3 had it's[her] name changed too. Was the name not popular with Anne?[queen] or hubby[William]? used the name Victory [over whom?]

Pedro  •  Link

The Royal James.

This was the ship that Sandwich sailed to deal with the Barbary pirates, and to fetch the new Queene.

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