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David Quidnunc  •  Link

"Chocolate: or, An Indian Drinke"
London, 1652

by Capt. John Wadsworth
"Apparently, a translation of a book by Melchor de Lara, 'Physitian General for the Kingdome of Spaine,' 1631."

Wadsworth writes: "Concerning this Receipt [recipe] I shall first say, This shooe will not fit every foote [...]"

michael brookes  •  Link

What is "purle"?

"forth to Harpers to drink a draught of purle"

Feb. 19, 1660

GrahamT  •  Link

From the SOED:
purl /p:l/ n.3 obs. exc. Hist.M17. [Origin unkn.] Orig., an infusion of wormwood or other bitter herbs in ale or beer. Later, hot beer mixed with gin and sometimes also with ginger and sugar.

dirk  •  Link

David, here's a link to a (near to) facsimile version of the text on the Project Gutenberg site - this does away with the irritating "extra things" between brackets in the version you linked to... And is just more pleasant to browse through...


An Indian Drinke.
By the wise and Moderate use whereof,
Health is preserved, Sicknesse
Diverted, and Cured, especially the
Plague of the Guts; vulgarly called
The New Disease; Fluxes, Consumptions,
& Coughs of the Lungs, with sundry
other desperate Diseases. By it
also, Conception is Caused,
the Birth Hastened and
facilitated, Beauty
Gain'd and continued.

Written Originally in Spanish, by Antonio Colmenero
of Ledesma, Doctor in Physicke,
and faithfully rendred in the English,

By Capt. James Wadsworth.

Printed by J. G. for Iohn Dakins, dwelling
neare the Vine Taverne in Holborne,
where this Tract, together with the
Chocolate it selfe, may be had at
reasonable rates. 1652

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