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Capt. Country. 'My little Captain that I loved'. He had carried Pepys to the Baltic in 1659 on board the Hind. Wounded in the First Dutch War, he served under Sandwich's command in the Mediterranean voyage of 1661-2 and in the campaign of 1665. Together with his brother John, he gave evidence on Coventry's behald when he was charged with corruption. He held two other commands 1673-4.

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COUNTRY, Richard,—commanded the Hind ketch in the year 1661. In 1662 he was captain of the Emsworth sloop; in 1664 of the Nonsuch ketch; in 1667 of the Forrester; and, in 1668, of the Drake. He next served as lieutenant of the Portland; and, in 1673, was appointed, by Charles the Second, who, after the passing of the Test Act, and consequent retirement of the duke of York, had assumed the management of his navy, captain of the Roebuck. This appears to have been his last command.
--- Biographia Navalis, J. Charnock, 1794.

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