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vicenzo  •  Link

Facts unclear: [the first 3 references below, refer to the Yacht of Prince James];
Originally Bridgewater , now the Anne (1660) Deptford 1654-1673 Renamed 1660. Accidentally blown up 1673.
52-58 guns 743 tons There was an Anne in the Gibralta bay fleet.

Also the name was used as Jaimes Yacht 1661 jan 15th:
The Navy did use a Mary a year later for Ireland fleet and Tangier bay group.

David Ross McIrvine  •  Link

The yacht, commanded by Captain James Lambert (sorry Phil!) was variously spelled the "Ann" or the "Anne," in correspondence of the Royal Navy, if you are googling for it.

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.