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Second Reading

Jerry  •  Link

Reference should list Saturday 4 July 1663. And note that this is a reference to The Sun on King St, which Sam referred to as old George's. Geographically, this is a bit perplexing because walking from Lambeth through the fields and over the bridge takes you away from and east of The Sun. Perhaps he stopped there prior to crossing the river to Lambeth and recorded it differently in the diary? Could old George have lived in a different spot than The Sun . . . doubtful.

"Thence with much ado out of the Park, and I ‘lighted and through St. James’s down the waterside over, to Lambeth, to see the Archbishop’s corps (who is to be carried away to Oxford on Monday), but came too late, and so walked over the fields and bridge home (calling by the way at old George’s), but find that he is dead, and there wrote several letters, and so home to supper and to bed."

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