The overlays that highlight 17th century London features are approximate and derived from Wenceslaus Hollar’s maps:

Open location in Google Maps: 52.000672, 0.016124

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Pedro.  •  Link


Around 17 miles to Cambridge, 14 miles from Ware and 38 miles from London.

Pedro.  •  Link


Vincente, o meu amigo, I think Barkway is on the B1368, and this leaves the Old North Road at Buntingford as an alternative route to Cambridge, going next through Puckeridge as Sam did on the 24 Feb, and to Fowlmere as you say.
Shame this site has a little spoiler for '63.


vicente  •  Link

I was barking off the wrong number, when I trod that road, it was called Hay street or the Barley way, not some government number that I could never remember. In my day it was go to the church, turn at the forge,past old harries, the one with the-----.
road use to be: Ware, Wades Mill, Colliers End ,Puckeridge, Hay street Hare street; else Puckeridge to Buntingford . Never go to Nasty, miss Braughing, dont get caught in Standon, Anstey [pansey] {[near a WWII Air field, full of lightnings] miss Shaft en hoe, have fun in Barley, miss Kingstown[Royston] and end up in Foulmere .Royston was surrounded by Air bases:

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