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(d. 1665). Peppys's physician, and a friend of his Uncle Wight. He appears also to have attended on Sandwich. M.K. (Cantabl) 1648; hon. F.R.C.P 1664. He lived on the s. side of Fenchurch St in a large house (taxed on nine hearths). He died in the Plague, after performing a post-mortem on a plague victim.

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"Burnett, Alexander, b.? d.25 Aug 1665. MD
Alexander Burnett, MD, was a doctor of medicine of Cambridge, of 1648; and was admitted an Honorary Fellow of the College of Physicians in December, 1664. Dr Burnett resided in Fenchurch-street, and was the ordinary medical attendant of Pepys the diarist. From his Diary we learn that Burnett died of the plague 25th August, 1665. From the subjoined statement, contained in a letter from Tellison to Dr Sancroft, it would appear that he fell victim to his own zeal, or, as some may perhaps think, to his temerity: “Dr Burnett, Dr Glover, and one or two more of the College of Physicians, with Dr O’Dowd, who was licensed by my lord’s grace of Canterbury, some surgeons, apothecaries, and Johnson the chemist, died all very suddenly. Some say (but God forbid that I should report it for truth) that these, in a consultation together, if not all, yet the greatest part of them, attempted to open a dead corpse that was full of the tokens, and being in hand with the dissected body, some fell down immediately, and others did not outlive the next day at noon.”
William Munk

(Munk’s 'Roll' is a list of obituaries of all former College Fellows. It also includes licentiates of the College before 1825.)

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