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good list of ships of period

Montagu (1660)[formerly lyme?] Portsmouth 1654-1749
Rebuilt 1675, 1698, 1716.Broken up 1749.
52-62 guns 145-0 length of gun deck 117-0 ft long keel 35-2 beam 36-6 depth 15-0 tonnage 769/ 829

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The Montague

On arriving at a foreign port after a voyage, the seamen’s first destination was often the brothel; as a result, at Lisbon in 1661 thirty seven members of the Montague’s crew of 300 went down with VD.

(Gentlemen and Tarpaulins by J. D. Davies)

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The Montague

Off the coast of Algiers in 1661, the surgeons mate of the Montague, James Yonge, noted two deaths and three serious wounds caused by splinters, and only two wounds caused by shots; one man, whose knee had been torn by a bullet, died the next day after the surgeon had refused to amputate, simply dressing the wound instead.

(Gentlemen and Tarpaulins by J. D. Davies)

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The "Montagu" (formerly the "Lime") was a third-rate of fifty-two guns, built at Portsmouth in 1654 by Mr. Tippetts.
---Wheatley, 1899.

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