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Hampshire built by Phineas Pett II, at Deptford 1653, Rebuilt in 1686;
Phoenix class, 4th Rate, Frigate
4th Rate has 60 to 50 guns & 420 to 320 men
The gun`s crew for the great guns consisted of a typical six men .

near the bottom at with a showing of gun crew

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The Hampshire was paid off on 27th Feb 1661, then commissioned for East Indies 25 March 1661 then paid off 4th April 62. she She has Sailed out with the Nonsuch.

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From another list. Hampshire was to be with Montegue at Tangier Bay???
So is the vessel bringing back the News of Sandwich [ Montegue]?

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Capt.Henry Terne [Tearne] in 1660, he commanded the 4th Rate Hampshire. In 1661, he was reappointed to command the Hampshire. ...

from great site:

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The Hampshire

Vincente, "then commissioned for East Indies 29 March 1661"

"Then to the office, where I found Sir W. Pen sent down yesterday to Chatham to get two great ships in readiness presently to go to the East Indies upon some design against the Dutch, we think, at Goa but it is a great secret yet."

"and hither came letters from above for the fitting of two other ships for the East Indies in all haste, and so we got orders presently for the Hampshire and Nonsuch."

On 3rd April Sam says "Dutch have sent the King a great present of money, which we think will stop the match with Portugal; and judge this to be the reason that our so great haste in sending the two ships to the East Indys is also stayed."

From British Foreign Policy 1660-1672 (Feiling) it seems that Fanshawe was to arrange the surrender of Bombay to the English fleet and ask that Bassein should go with it, to press for the implementation of facilities to our factories in India and suggest that Goa should be given to England to save it from the Dutch.

From the Journal of Montagu (Anderson) the following information can be gleaned...

On the 14th of May 1660 she came into Scevelinge with Commissioners of the Commons House of Parliament, before the King sails back to England.

She is also with Sandwich (along with the Nonsuch) on his mission to Tangier, and appears in Algier Bay on the 13th August 1661. Sandwich had left London on the 13th of June 1661. On the 8th January 1662 the Hampshire sails back to England with a package for HR, Co an LS.

In the fleet list of April 1665 it is shown as 4th rate with 160 men and 40 guns under George Batts.

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