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(c.1621-c.90). Master of the Mint from 1662. Third son of Sir William, of Kippax, W. Riding; cousin of [Sir Arthur and Sir Robert]. Suspended from office in 1680 for falling into arrears with his accounts, he resigned in 1685. Active in the early days of the Royal Society, but expelled in 1675 for not paying his dues. A friend of Evelyn.

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His boss now was Sir Ralph Freeman 1660-1662
Mr Henry Slingsby did share the job with one Sir Ralph Freeman later see
Sir Ralph Freeman and Henry Slingsby 1662-1667 Henry Slingsby 1667-1680

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Henry Slingsby, master of the London Mint, proposed the "standard solution" a mix of fiat rules and free markets, to resolve the ongoing problem of money supply and coin value.
From an interesting site on Vemeer: history 1661

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