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Mary Leming (Lemyng or Leamynge) was the wife of James Lemyng, born c. 1618, eldest son and heir of John Lemyng, Ironmonger of London, and Joane Polley of Colchester, Essex. (source: Visitations of London, 1634).

Gregory Leamynge  •  Link

In 1641, James Lemyng was admitted to Gray's Inn; married 30 Jun 1645, at St. Leonard's Bromley; died 16 April 1671.

Pauline  •  Link

from L&M Companion--the Batten entry
...[of Batten's four children] Mary married one Leming of Colchester. (A widow Mary Leming of St Mary's Colchester died in 1671; her husband James, who died in 1668, may possibly have been Batten's son-in-law if the date of his death can be reconciled with Pepys's statement that he was dying as early as 1662)....

Note Mary's older sister Martha married William Castle the Shipbuilder.

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I am a Leeming. True and square. I am a high school English teacher. Lots of fun and info. Contact if sincere.

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