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Brother-in-law to John Crew

Silence, a sister of John Crew, was Parkhurst's second wife.

A resident of Pyrford, Surrey, he was the son of another Robert Parkhurst, once a Lord Mayor of London (1635-6).

John Evelyn wrote that he "spent a fair estate." (A note in the L&M edition for 5 December 1660 seems to indicate Evelyn wrote this on 24 August 1684.) On 5 Dec 1660, Pepys mentions a loan Mountagu made to Parkhurst for 2,000 l. It was a mortgage on property owned by Parkhurst.

Parkhurst was knighted in 1660, died in 1674.

Robert and Silence Parkhurst had a son, John, who was a teenager in 1660 (c. 1643-1731).

-- L&M edition Companion volume & Vol. 1 (1660)

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