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David Quidnunc  •  Link

L&M knows nothing about him ...

... other than what is known from his four appearances in the diary. We don't even know his first name. There are several other Talbots in the diary -- could he be one of those? L&M don't venture to guess.

He's apparently close to Henry Adams and, like Pepys, enjoys going to taverns.

On 5 March he arrives at the Salutation tavern with Henry Adams where they meet up with Pepys and his other companions. He and Adams were also both in the group with Pepys on 18 January (at Wilkinson's tavern) and 9 November (at the Hoop tavern, where we find out he will eat "no sort of fish"). On 14 May 1661, he's at the Mitre tavern and Adams isn't mentioned, although he may be among the "and others" there.

-- L&M Index volume, volumes 1 (1660) and 2 (1661)

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