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Paul Brewster  •  Link

L&M:"(c. 1623-86) A prominent Quaker. Once a cornet in Cromwell's Scottish Army; a brewer living on Mill Bank, Westminster; later (c. 1674) a co-proprietor of New Jersey."

"A government agent wrote of Edward Billing in 1662: 'noe man more busie sturring up and downe, inquyreing after newes then he'."

vincent  •  Link

Edward Billing (c. 1623-86)
Also Byllinge, Byllynge. Cavalry officer and Leveller. He and his wife became Quakers while he was posted in Scotland (Fox's journal, ch. 11). With help from John Fenwick, a fellow Leveller officer and Quaker, and William Penn, he acquired a proprietary claim in West New Jersey, and in 1676 he wrote with Penn The Concessions and Agreements, based on Leveller principles, which was signed by the original West Jersey settlers as a constitution. Parts of this were incorporated by William Penn into the Frame of Government for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Reay, pp. 110-11; Barbour and Frost, p. 294).

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