By John Bland, published 1659. Full title: “Trade revived, or a way proposed to restore, increase, inrich, strengthen and preserve the decayed and even dying trade of this our English nation, in its manufactories, coin, shiping and revenue. Wherby taxes may be lessened if not totally taken away, to the great content of the people. As also a way shewed how the duty of excise may be regulated for the ease and incouragement of this nations commerce, both for the outward exportation and inward consumption of all sorts of commodities… set forth by a wel-wisher to the nation and its prosperity….”

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John Bland published in 1660 a quarto pamphlet of fifty-seven pages, entitled, "Trade revived, or a way proposed to restore the Trade of this our English nation in its manufactories, coin, shiping, and revenue. London, 1660," a copy of which is in the British Museum Library.
---Wheatley, 1893.

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Sam changes his mind about this work:

"In the evening came Mr. Bland the merchant to me, who has lived long in Spain, and is concerned in the business of Tangier, who did discourse with me largely of it, and after he was gone did send me three or four printed things that he hath wrote of trade in general and of Tangier particularly, but I do not find much in them."
6 August 1662…

"Mr. Bland’s discourse concerning Trade, which (he being no scholler and so knows not the rules of writing orderly) is very good"
24 December 1662…

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