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For the stonecarver, see Nathaniel Holmes (stonecarver).

Nathaniel Holmes or Homes[note 1] (1599–1678) was an English Independent theologian and preacher. He has been described as a “Puritan writer of great ability".[1]


He graduated with a B.A. from Exeter College, Oxford in 1620; and with an M.A. from Magdalen Hall, Oxford in 1623. He later founded an Independent church, with Henry Burton;[2] he was rector of St Mary Staining, Oat Lane, Aldersgate, in London to 1662. In 1644 his Gospell-Musick defended and promoted psalm-singing, and reprinted the preface to the Bay Psalm Book.[3]

A convinced millenarian, he preached to the House of Commons in 1641, under the influence of Thomas Brightman.[4] In 1650, in another sermon to the Commons after the battle of Dunbar, he cited the Book of Daniel and Book of Revelation.[5] He has been considered a follower of Johann Heinrich Alsted.[6]

He with Henry Jessey corresponded with Menasseh ben Israel, about the official return of Jews to England, and the supposed Lost Tribes found in North America.[7] This interest was prompted by John Dury’s interest,[8] and was shared with others.[9] His philo-Semitism has been noted, for example, by Werner Sombart.[10]


His 1640 work on usury was against the permissive line of William Ames.[11] He was against political "levelling".[12] He defended infant baptism, and attacked John Goodwin on salvation by works.[13]

He wrote against witchcraft,[14] proposing an influential three-fold scheme of possession,[15] and astrology, regretting its prevalence.[16]


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  • Gospell Musick (1644)
  • Daemonologie and Theologie (1650)
  • The Resurrection Revealed, or The Dawning of the Day Star
  • Some Glimpses of Israel's Call Approaching
  • Revelation Revealed (1653)
  • Commentary on Canticles


  1. ^ Also Nathanael.


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