13 Jun 2004, 4:56 p.m. - Pauline

Bunn, Capt. [Thomas] Naval officier. He seved under the Commonwealth and held two commands 1660-1. In 1662 he helped to design the jetty at Tangier. from L&M Companion

13 Jun 2004, 8:54 p.m. - Sjoerd

Probably not the same Captain Bun then that gave his name to "Chelsea Sticky Buns" ? http://www.greatbritishkitchen.co.uk/regional/london.htm

11 May 2013, 6:22 p.m. - Bill

BUNN, Thomas,—was appointed captain of the Essex in the year 1660, by the duke of York; and the following year was promoted to the command of the Lyon, a third rate of fifty eight guns. He, in all probability, died soon afterwards, as it does not appear he was ever appointed to any other ship. ---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.


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