A set of maps by Wenceslas Hollar, published in 1644. Full title: ‘The kingdome of England & principality of Wales exactly described whith every sheere and the small townes in every one of them in six mappes. Portable for every mans pocket … Usefull for all commanders for quarteringe of souldiers’.

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Michael Robinson  •  Link

Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677.

The kingdome of England & principality of Wales, exactly described whith [sic] euery sheere, & the small townes in euery one of them, in six mappes, portable for euery mans pocket, The first beginning in Scotland & one sheere in England, Northumberland, & so to New-castle; the second hath his head at New-castle & extendeth it selfe, all Durham, Westmoreland, Cumberland, Yorkeshire, Lancastshire, & part of Lincolne shire; the third hath Norfolke, Suffolke, Cambridge, Bedford, Hartford, Buckingham, Oxford, Northampton, Warwicke, Huntington, Lecester & Rutland, parte of Lincolne, Nottingham, Darby, Glocester, Barkeshire & Essex; the fourth map runnes it selfe, all Shropshire, Cheshire; Stafford, Woster, Heriford most of Wales Anglesey, & part of Pembroke shire; the fift map, houldeth the south of Wales & Gloster, Somerset, Dorset, Deuon, & Cornwall, part of Wiltshire; the sixth mappe containes, Kent, Southsex, Surrey, Middlesex, Barke, & Hampshire, part of Essex, & Wiltshire, the small prikes boundeth euery shire. Vsefull for all comanders for the quarteringe of souldiers, & all sorts of persons, that would be informed, where the armies be; neuer so commodiously drawne before this. 1644 Described by one that trauailled throughout the whole kingdome, for its purpose.

[London] : Sold by Thomas Ienner at the South entrance of the Exchange, W: Hollar fecit, [1644].

fo., [1] single, [6] folded plates : maps ; engraved throughout.
Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), H2447. Pennington, Etched Work of Hollar,# 652-7.

Editions in 1671, 1676, 1752. No copy of any in the PL

Paul Chapin  •  Link

Hollar's claim to be "one that trauailled [traveled? travailed?] throughout the whole kingdome, for its purpose" may be overblown. His map of East Anglia (from the BM collection) looks remarkably like a Hondius map of the same region that I owned for many years, which I believe was published in the Mercator atlas of 1606.

Michael Robinson  •  Link

The claim in the title is disingenuous; Hollar's map, known as 'the Quartermaster Map,' is accepted as imitation of the Saxton 'wall-map' of 1583, in turn based on his county atlas of 1579 which was the prototype for many others.

Such was the demand for large scale wall maps of England at the start of the English Civil War that Cornelis Danckerts in Amsterdam also issued a large scale map of England in 1644, that however uses Thomas Durham's improved outline for the Isle of Man which had been engraved for Speed in 1605.

R.A. Skelton (with A.D. Baxter and S.T.M. Newman) edited by J.B. Harley, 'Saxton's survey of England and Wales. With a facsimile of Saxton's wall-map of 1583' (Amsterdam: Nico Israel, 1974). [Issued as Supplement VI to Imago Mundi.]

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