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A reference:
"nth January, 1648. This Court at the Suite and request of M r Daniell Worrall
M r William Molins M r Thomas Woodall and M r Thorpe Chirurgeons of the Cloathing of
this Company Doth grant That they or any of them joyneing the M" & Stewards of
Anathomy privately desect in the Coirion Hall of this Company and not elsewhere a
humane Body executed as a Malefactour that they or any of them may procure ffor the
bettering theire Judgement and Skill in Anatomy, Provided That they at theire owne
proper Costs doe defray and disburse All the Necessary & accustomed Charges ffees &
Duties belonging to a private Anathomy."

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Chart showing the number of references in each month of the diary’s entries.