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Olives, the desired Salad of divine Plato, are an usual Dish at most Mens Tables, tho' none of them grow in England. Wild Olives are better, than those which are set in City Orchards; which the very Birds do know in Italy, more coveting the wilder sort. We have three sorts of them brought into our Country, Spanish Olives, Italian Olives, and Olives of Provence. The first sort is the biggest, but yet the worst, being too yellow, too soft, and too full of Oil: The Italian Olive is almost as big, but more firm of Flesh, and pleasanter through retaining his natural Greenishness. The Provence Olives are less than either, something bitterer also and more leather skin'd, yet better for the Stomach than the Spanish, tho' nothing near the Italian or Bononian Olive in Flesh, Taste or Goodness.
---Health's improvement. T. Moffet, 1746.

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