d.1670. A French engraver.

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David Dowell  •  Link

My art historian sister thinks Pepys means "after Rubens" which indicates a fine copy.

Wim van der Meij  •  Link

It is quite certain these prints are engravings 'after' paintings of Rubens.
Very often paintings, which were hanging in rich people's houses could only be appreciated by other folk through these engravings. Engraving and etching were the means to multiply images and the ones by Rubens were quite popular. I suspect SP would have liked the fleshiness of Rubens' women.

vincent  •  Link

Reubens has a certain "joie de vivre" maybe a little risque for some who wander the galleries;( my guess would fit SP's )
Print: many Artists were also print makers unfortunately very few marked their work:
A mezzotint (Just starting out in England at this time )(in the Italian sense 'half-tone'; French mani

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