Thursday 26 April 1666

To the office, where all the morning. At noon home to dinner, and in the afternoon to my office again, where very busy all the afternoon and particularly about fitting of Mr. Yeabsly’s accounts for the view of the Lords Commissioners for Tangier. At night home to supper and to bed.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

"Lord, dear Lord...What am I to do about these damned Tangier accounts of mine?"

Book falls from pile, hitting Sam on head.

Hmmn..."Aubry's 'Way to Riches'. Chapter Seven... 'Weathering ye Perfect Storm in ye Financial Accountings'.

Now that is what I call service, Sam nods, eagerly thumbing. Hmmn... "'So thou hast foolishly boxed thyself into yon financial corner in thine accounts and a reckoning is due? Whether it be an angry steward or the officers of the King Himself, thou hast truly caught it. Where then may thou seekst an answer?'"

Hmmn...Sam eyes Bible currently underneath broken table leg as stablizing prop.

"'Nay, seek it not in Holy Writ, yon fool. The Almighty hast better to do than meddle with thy corrupted self.'"

"Very funny, Lord." But... "'Yet an answer is still at hand...If one lookst round to thy companions, thy servants, thy coworkers, thy friends...Thy fall guys. Though in happier times the fellowship of all men is to be praised...This is not the time. In short, gentle reader...Put the blame on someone else. Preferably one of God's humbler sort...For not only will their reward in Heaven be great...Taking some sting out of the imprisonment, heavy fine, and/or execution...But they be that sort least able to seek ye out later with thoughts of vengeance. Indeed, carry the matter firmly and well and they mayst never know they have been thy mark.'"


"Oh, Yeabsly..."

Michael Robinson  •  Link

" ... fitting of Mr. Yeabsly’s accounts for the view of the Lords Commissioners for Tangier ..."

SP is having to do some work, perhaps account massaging, for his commission payment:

" ...above my expectation, got the business of our contract for the victualling carried for my people, viz., Alsopp, Lanyon, and Yeabsly; and by their promise I do thereby get 300l. per annum to myself, which do overjoy me; and the matter is left to me to draw up. "…

cgs  •  Link

'...fitting of ************* accounts for the view ..."
an apt phrase for modern MBA's, CPA's and CA's and bankers in general.

"My Dear Sir, your account is fitted, your mortgage is adjusted to the latest rate, your income interest is fitted for no growth."

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