Should entries display the weekday?

Monday 13th January 2003

A few people (such as in these annotations) have asked that diary entries display the day of the week. The reason I haven’t done this before is because I’m attempting to keep the diary content as close to the original as the web format (and the translations through Victorian editors and Project Gutenberg’s processes) allow. Pepys’ diaries included the month and year at the head of a page and each entry was marked with just the date. Occasionally he seems to have noted Sundays, but not always.

So, the question is, do I include weekdays on each entry, and if so how? Feel free to discuss this below…

RSS feeds of this "About" information

Thursday 9th January 2003

If you read the diary via RSS, you should probably check in on the RSS feed of this mini-weblog too, so as not to miss out on changes to the site: RSS v0.91 or RSS v1.0. Although you’re unlikely to read this if you use RSS and never come to the site…

New entries will be posted at the end of each day

Wednesday 1st January 2003

From Pepys’ writing we can tell he was writing at the end of each day, about the day’s events. Therefore each day’s entry will be posted at around 11pm UK time.