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Richard Sterne, who was educated at Cambridge, was in the reign of Charles I. master of Jesus college in that university, and chaplain to archbishop Laud. Upon the commencement of the civil war, when the king's necessities were very urgent, he, and several others of the heads of houses, were very instrumental in sending the Cambridge plate to his majesty to be coined for his use. This gave great offence to Cromwell, who seized Dr. Sterne, Dr. Beale, master of St. John's College, and Dr. Martin, master of Queen's, and carried them to London; where they were imprisoned for a year, and afterwards sent on board a ship at Wapping, put under hatches, and treated with great inhumanity. A little before the execution of his good friend and patron, the archbishop, he was permitted to attend him, and performed the last offices for him on the scaffold. He lived in great obscurity till the Restoration, when he returned to his mastership of Jesus College which he held till he was made bishop of Carlisle. He was afterwards translated to York. He was a man of worth, and of good abilities as an author. He compiled a system of logic, and wrote a comment upon the 103d Psalm. He gave 1850 l. toward the re-building of St. Paul's church. Ob. 18 June, 1683, Æt. 87.
---A Biographical History of England. J. Granger, 1779.

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