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Pedro   Link to this

Vernatty, Philibert

L&M say Secretary to Peterborough, Govenor of Tangier; Muster-Master and Treasurer of the Garrison 1661-5. Possibly Vernatti who applied to Secretary Thurloe for employment in 1654.

Michael Robinson   Link to this

Per L&M footnote vii, 264 n.2 (Aug 29 1666)

... In Tangier he had lived 'like a prince', allegedly from profits in the slave trade. (John to Nathaniel Lake, 16 May 1664 BM, now BL, Mss Sloane 3509 f 56v), though according to the not disinterested Charles Harbourd (1662) he was 'a very careful honest Gent:' ( Bodley, Mss Carte 75 f 28r.) His accounts remained mysterious and he took flight in October 1666.

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