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L&M footnote:
"He was M.P. for Scarborough and until this moment (May 1st 1660) a vociferous republican. He spoke first after the reading of the letter, 'all bathed in tears'"

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Luke Robinson is mentioned in 'A Proper New Ballad On The Old Parliament; Or, The Second Part Of Knave Out Of Doors' to the tune 'Hei ho, my honey'

"Luke Robinson shall go before ye,
that snarling northern tyke;
Be sure he

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Chipps of the Old Block; or, Hercules
Cleansing the Aug├Žan Stable.
To the Tune of The Sword.

Luke Robinson that Clownado,
Though his heart be a Granado,
Yet a High-shooe with his hands in his Poke,
Is his most perfect shadow.

--Rump: or An Exact collection of the choycest poems and songs, 1662

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The RUMP Carbonado'd: or A New
To the Tune of the Black-smith.

Luke Robinson wants both his Bristles and Aule
To stitch up his lame Legge, and help him to
craule, Who down-right hath halted betwixt God and Baal,
Which no body can deny.


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  • 1660