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Kirk Breault   Link to this

Here's some information on the welsh harp that I found at the Concise Guide to Medieval Instruments web page located at(http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/2662/guide.html

Harp: The Harp, which is of very ancient lineage, can be simply described as an open frame over which is stretched a graduated series of strings, which are vibrated by plucking with the fingers. One early form of the harp is the Welsh harp or telyn, which has 3 rows of strings, the two outer rows (tuned in unison or octaves) giving the diatonic scale and the inner row the intermediate semitones: a simple musical modulation can be made simply by touching one of the inner strings.

Sam Sampson   Link to this

Musica Antiqua's Harp Page
A 'modern' Welsh harp, with photos and an MP3.

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