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"Anger is a French variation of the English (of Norman origin) and French patronymnic name Ainger, which comes from the Germanic given name Ansger, composed of the elements ans = god + ger,gar = spear. Angier, Anger, Angear, Aunger are English variations. Anger, Anquier, Ansquer are among the French versions. "

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Angers (the "s" is silent and the "g" is soft) is also a town in France, so someone from there would be d'Angers, or d'Anjou if from the surrounding region. The d' would get lost over time as the "of/from" did in English names related to locations. (e.g. Abraham from Lincoln would become Abraham Lincoln over time)
This also a possible source of the name Angier.

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"...my cousin Percivall Angier..."

Percival Angier of London; a merchant.

Latham and Matthews Vol.VI.1665.
London: G.Bell and Sons Ltd. May 1974.

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  • 1663
  • 1665