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The Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Saviour and St Mary Overie, Southwark

"I walked over the fields to Southwark..., and I spent half an hour in Mary Overy's Church, where are fine monuments of great antiquity, I believe, and has been a fine church." Samuel Pepys - 3 July 1663 http://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1663/07/03/

The history of the church, 1539AD to 1815AD:

Interior of St. Saviour's

St. Mary Overies Dock on the South side of the Thames leads to the Montague Close of St. Saviour church, yard and grounds on the right edge of this segment of the 1746 map. http://www.motco.com/map/81002/SeriesSearchPlat...

On the left edge of this segment of the map the East side of the St. Saviour' grounds lie near The Borough as it leads North onto the London Bridge. http://www.motco.com/map/81002/SeriesSearchPlat...

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Neither a Cathedral nor Collegiate Church.

In Pepys' day the south bank of the Thames was a part of the diocese of Winchester and remaind such till 1877. At the diary dates it was simply the parish church of Southwark.


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1640 foreground - image of St Mary Overie (now Southwark Cathedral)


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Wencaslas Hollar (Czech/British, 1607-1677)

View of St Mary Overy, now Southwark Cathedral.
Etching, 1647.

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