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See Courante

"By 1700 the Courant was no longer danced except as a basis of dance used by the dancing masters and became known as "Doctor Dance" through the use of its teaching techniques applied to other dances.
[...] Musically, the Courante was the second movement (Suites de Danses) of the classical baroque suite, typically following the allemande with the accompaniment in triple time (3/4).
[...see] Court Ayres, Pavins, Corantos, &c., Playford, John 1655 "

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Coranto singles and doubles aren't understood very well, but they were definitely very athletic.
Andrew Draskoy suggests this as a low-impact version:

Single left: Leap forward onto left foot, then hop bringing your right foot together with your left.

Double left: Leap forward onto left, forward onto right, forward onto left, in place bringing your right foot together with your left.

If you're feeling athletic, you move twice as much: Add in a hop in place before each leap or hop above.

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