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A lace band, the edges of which were indented with segments of circles, so as to resemble a scallop shell. The word “scallop” was used till recently for a part of a lady’s dress embroidered and cut to resemble a scallop shell.

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here Samuell enters the OED:
1661 PEPYS Diary 7 Dec., My wife and I were talking about buying of a fine scallop..which is to cost her 45s.
one of many meanings based on the sea shell;
c. Lace or edging of a scalloped pattern; a scalloped lace band or collar. Obs.
Forms: 5 scalap, -opp, 5, 7 scalop, skalop, 6 scalepp, -oppe, scallopp(e, skallap, -op, 9 scallope, scallap, 6- scallop. 7 s(c)kollop, 7-8

Also 7 escollop, 7-8 escalop. [a. OF. escalope shell, an adoption from some Teut. lang.; cf. MDu. schelpe (mod.Du. schelp) shell. The variant SCALLOP is found much earlier, and is still in use.]
based on the shape of
1. A bivalve mollusc of the genus Pecten; = SCALLOP 1.

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SCOLLOP, a Shell Fish, also a sort of indenting of any thing.
---An Universal Etymological English Dictionary. N. Bailey, 1675.

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