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Albert Sanchez Moreno  •  Link

Some people believe Davenant to have been Shakespeare's illegitimate son.

Cumgranissalis  •  Link

And only Oxford had the education to rite good Shakefpere plays. Another inter breeding divine right blue blood [a good sign that blood be not circulating] idea. Oh! well check his DNA.

in Aqua Scripto  •  Link

was it Davenant"s
SP"...saw “The Law against Lovers,” a good play ..."
performance of 'The Law against Lovers' (18th February 1662), ... The Law Against Lovers Performed Work · The Opera Event Location ...
Topic map http://www.techquila.com/pepysmap/html/event-16...

Sir William Davenant (February 28, 1606 - April 7, 1668), also spelled D'Avenant, was an English poet and playwright.
his bio; no mention of his adaption here:

another source says
"...But Davenant also wrote or altered plays for his theater. The first, The Law Against Lovers (produced in 1662), is an altered version of Measure for Measure with the importation of the Beatrice-Benedick plot from Much Ado About Nothing...."


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