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"The Royal Prerogative [singular] is a body of customary authority, privilege, and immunity, recognised in common law jurisdictions possessing a monarchy as belonging to the Crown alone. It is the means by which some of the executive powers of government are possessed by and vested in a monarch with regard to the process of governance of their state are carried out." There follows a list of the powers that still are exercized by a British monarch.

"PREROGATIVE, in law, an exclusive privilege of the Crown....In English law, Blackstone says, by the word prerogative we are to understand the character and power which the sovereign hath over and above all other persons, in right of his regal dignity; and which, though part of the common law of the country, is out of its ordinary course.[...] The prerogative of the Crown...has been gradually limited by a long series of enactments, the most worthy of notice being Magna carta, Confirniatio cartarum, Prerogativa regis, the Petition of Right, the Habeas Corpus Act (1679), the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement." etc.

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